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Interview with LifePage-India to share experiences and talk about software development process.

Invited to Interview with Life Page India to present my views, upcoming plans, experience, challenges, software development process and career aspects for upcoming students. Talked about software developemnt cycle and career aspects for upcoming developers.

Research paper published in International Journal of Computer Application(IJCA) on Real Time Analytics Performance Scaling

The Research work demonstrates architectural design pattern, generation and execution of test plan and load simulation by analytic Load Runner tool. The framework can mimic the real-time user scenarios and generate specific load to test major performance bottlenecks.

Conference Talk: Load Test Framework at #AGAGTR-2017

Honour for speaking on developed Performance Tool HikeRunner at @#ATAGTR2017.

Research paper published in IEEE-CogML on Secure Real-Time Heterogeneous IoT Data Management System

IEEE International Conference on Trust, Privacy and Security in Intelligent Systems, and Applications. Vision Track: Trust, Privacy and Security in Intelligent Systems
published research paper titled "Secure Real-Time Heterogeneous IoT Data Management System"
The growing adoption of IoT devices in our daily life engendered a need for secure systems to safely store and analyze sensitive data.

Helm with YugabyteDB : GKE(Google Kubernetes Engine)

This blog will provide quick overview of helm that helps to manage kubernetes applications, providing startup guide with detailed installation steps and practical hands on of using YugabyteDB.
For installation and details, follow the quick guide to get the overview of GK-Engine and Helm.